Sub Regional Training Madrid @ Madrid, Spain, Madrid [de 11 a 15 de julio]

Sub Regional Training Madrid

11 - 15
de julio
18:00 - 15:00

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Madrid, Spain
Sub Regional Training Madrid is a IFMSA Training Event including four totally new high quality workshops, and open to everyone, members and not members alike!

Our workshops are:

We live in a society marked by unearned privileges that we cannot separate from the oppression suffered by all those that do not have the privilege.
The objective of this workshop is to study through NonFormal Education methods the privileges and opressions related to gender and sexuality from an intersectional approach,
We will therefore include as well other social fights and opressions, each one will be facilitated by guest speaker who will be a member of the opressed community and analyze the role that privileged people can have as allies, without leading other people’s fights by aising awareness and developing skills to conduct these fights in an inclusive and intersectional way.
We are looking for trainers who will be able to cofacilitate the general flow of the session with knowledge on privilege, opression, intersectionality and collaborate with the workshop coordinator to include intersectional approaches

Let’s unmask the society’s damaging obsession with looks and tone up our self-love muscle (This training is a combination of knowledge gaining and self-exploration)

The purpose of this workshop is to discuss group norms and conformity and what makes each individual mark the boundries of their comfort zone. By the end we hope to learn to live togethers with respect for others but without fear to show our own colour.

With the ever-evolving demographics of every country, cultural competence has become an essential ingredient in the creation of a positive climate in any field. Cultural competence is the ability to work effectively with people from a variety of cultural, ethnic, economic, and religious backgrounds. The goal of this workshop is to develop the ability to manage diversity in daily work. The workshop will focus on how to appreciate diversity and cooperate despite differences. Developing cultural competence is a dynamic and complex process requiring ongoing self-assessment and continuous expansion of one's cultural knowledge. It evolves over time, beginning with an understanding of one's own culture, continuing through interactions with individuals from various cultures, and extending through one's own lifelong learning.
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