Swingtoñal @ Swingtoñal, Madrid [de 10 a 12 de noviembre]


10 - 12
de noviembre
22:00 - 22:00

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Calle de Sebastián Elcano 12, 28012 Madrid
El 10 de noviembre, ¡vuelve Swingtoñal! ¡Las inscripciones ya están abiertas!
(English to follow)

El swing tiene muchos bailes relacionados: Lindy Hop, Balboa, Shag y muchos otros. En el Swingtoñal vamos a celebrarlo del mejor modo que conocemos: ¡bailándolos todos!

Este año en nuestro evento aprenderás algunas pinceladas de otros bailes para adornar y mejorar tu swing, algo de balboa, algo de shag, blues o tal vez boogie, todo esto lo podrás usar en tu baile social. No necesitas conocimientos previos de todos estos estilos. Juntos abriremos otras puertas que te mostrarán otros mundos para expresar tu swing.

Nuestros profesores no sólo son mundialmente conocidos por su lindy hop y su trayectoria internacional, son profesores que pueden enseñar y bailar más de un estilo.

Marcus Koch
Bärbl Kaufer
Martynas Stonys
Abeth Farag
Gas Fernandez
Alba Mengual

Contaremos nuevamente con la única e inigualable Jessie James Gordon quien este año además de cantar estará a cargo de las clases de solo jazz. ¡Tendremos música en vivo las tres noches! con las mejores bandas que tocarán para que bailemos sin parar.
Viernes: Madrid Hot Jazz Band
Sábado: Shakin' All
Domingo: The A train (la banda que nos pone a bailar en nuestras jams de los domingos!)

Además del ya clásico Tea party que comenzará con una charla a cargo de nuestros profes internacionales para conocer más del mundo del swing.

Los eventos en Big Mama se caracterizan por sus excelentes profesores de nivel internacional y su gran calidez personal. Un ambiente muy cuidado y un fin de semana único en una de las mejores salas de todo Europa, pensado por bailarines para bailarines.
Todas las clases y fiestas en un mismo lugar! En nuestra academia y salòn de baile en la calle Sebastián Elcano 12.

Más info y formulario para apuntarse: bit.ly/Swingtonal17


There are many different dance styles related to swing music: Lindy Hop, Balboa, Shag, etc. During the Swingtoñal we will celebrate in the best possible way, dancing all of them!

This year you will get to learn some secrets from this other styles to improve your dance. Some Balboa, Shag, Blues or Boogie which you will then be able to use on the dance floor. You don’t need any previous knowledge of this other styles, during our event you will get a lot more repertoire to express yourself on the social dance floor.

It is with much pride and joy that we announce once more that Jessie James Gordon will join us and this year not only as the amazing singer she is but also as the teacher for our solo classes. All three nights with live music and Jessie will be the guest of honor singing with all the bands. On Sunday there will be our already classic tea party which will start with a presentation from our teachers about the swing world.

Our events are well known for the excellent staff of teachers and the warmth atmosphere we have in our home, the Big Mama Ballroom. A unique experience during a weekend in Madrid and in one of the best ballrooms of all Europe, created by dancers for dancers.

Marcus Koch
Bärbl Kaufer
Martynas Stonys
Abeth Farag
Gas Fernandez
Alba Mengual

All classes and parties at the same venue! Check the event address.


During the first class of the partnered dance tracks the teachers will evaluate the level of the students and they can request some of the students to switch to the level they consider more appropriate for them. this is not optional for students, if you sign up for any of those tracks you are accepting this terms.

Level 2

You have started dancing since at least January 2017, you know the 8-count, 6 count and charleston basics, you have been regularly social dancing and are ready for new ideas!

Level 3

You go out to social dance very often for more than a year, you can mix 8-count, 6-count and even know some 4-count steps. You attended a taster class of balboa or blues or shag; slow and medium tempos are not a problem and you dear to swing some fast tempos here and there.

Level 4

Now this is getting serious! At least two years have passed since you bought your first pair of dance shoes. No problems with any kind of tempos, if you like the song you hit the dance floor right away. Dancing in a crowded place? No problem, you are aware of what you’ll do next and where can you move to or your partner without bumping into other dancers, and if that happen you apologize right away. Besides listening to the modern bands like Gentlemen & Gangsters or Hot Sugar Band you also like to listen to Chick Web and Fast Waller, to name a few. And last but not least you most likely took classes from other styles like Solo Jazz, Balboa, Tap, etc.

Level 5

You are way past the point where you need to explain for how long have you been dancing if you recognize names such as Chick Web, Leon James, Hot Shots, Herrang, Benny Goodman, Down H., Chester W. You look forward to a jam circle happening during the night to join in and you’re keen to join a Jack & Jill competition. From all the different styles of dances you have been taking you can mix them and create something you can call you own style.
This is your level, welcome!


Early bird (from the 5th to the 30th of June)

Full pass levels 2, 3, 4 & 5 (includes 5 hours of classes + all three parties) = 150€
Full pass Solo Track (Includes 4 hours of classes + all three parties)= 130€
To benefit with this discount we should receive the registration and the payment before the 1st of July 2017.

From the 1st of July and until the event starts:
Full pass levels 2, 3, 4 & 5 (includes 5 hours of classes + all three parties) = 175€
Full pass Solo Track (Includes 4 hours of classes + all three parties)= 155€

Party passes: 60€
We will start selling this passes in the beginning of October if the event is not yet sold out.

More info and registration form: bit.ly/Swingtonal17
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